Larry Nassar has spent thousands in prison, but paid just over $8 a month to his victims

July 28, 2021, 2:45 PM

Imprisoned sexual assailant Dr. Larry Nassar has spent more than $10,000 of his own money on himself while behind bars, but pocket change on his criminal penalties, The Washington Post reports

Larry Nassar (File photo)

Nassar, the disgraced gymnastics team doctor who for years assaulted athletes and others in the guise of bogus pelvic floor treatments, has been spending money on "commissary, email and phone expenses" but only about $8.33 a month toward what he was ordered to pay as victim compensation and other court costs.

The revelations came out in a prosecutorial filing today in a case against the Bureau of Prisons. Nassar is serving a 60-year sentence in a high-security federal prison in central Florida. 

The Post reports:

Nassar — whose alleged victims include gymnastics icon Simon Biles and several former Olympians — has seen $12,825 move through is prison account over the last 3 1/2 years, the court filing said, including two payments for covid-related stimulus from the federal government totaling $2,000.

A December 2017 court document related to Nassar’s federal plea calls for a minimum payment of $25 every three months to cover what he owes in federal judgments. “All monies received from income tax refunds, lottery winnings, judgments, and/or any other anticipated or unexpected financial gains to any outstanding court-ordered financial obligations must be applied,” the document states.

The court filing says Nassar has not paid any of the $57,488.52 he was ordered to give five of his victims in the child pornography case, who are identified only as Child 10, Child 11, Child 28, Child 29 and Child 30.

Nassar's is not an isolated case. The Post reports "nearly two dozen federal inmates have more than $100,000 each in their Bureau of Prison accounts," according to sources. 

The filing by federal prosecutors seeks to force the Bureau of Prisons to turn over his current account balance to pay the court-ordered amount of $5,300 to the federal Crime Victims Fund.

The former Michigan State University sports doctor pled guilty in 2017 to receipt and attempted receipt of child pornography, possession of child pornography, and destroying and concealing evidence.

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