A man chained to the roof of an SUV on the Lodge? Around here we call that Monday.

August 17, 2021, 11:29 AM

Surely there are weirder freeways in the world than the ones in Detroit. But we don't know of any. 

Which is our way of setting up the latest it-happened-on-the-Lodge clip we found on the Metro Detroit News Instagram. It features a man standing on the roof of an SUV, supported by chains, traveling down the freeway and under several overpasses with terrifyingly little overhead clearance. 

A guerrilla film crew? Nope, he has nothing in his hands. Performance art? Possible -- hard to tell, but he appears to be wearing some unusual clothing, maybe a costume. Just a dare? Always a strong contender. 

You judge for yourself. Honestly, the most shocking thing about the video to any experienced Detroit driver should be that the driver used his turn signal. 


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