Suspected water main break in Southwest Detroit upheaves road, destroys dispensary, leaves foul odor

September 12, 2021, 8:30 PM

Authorities suspect that what residents described as a blast that caused a stretch of road to buckle in Southwest Detroit was a water main break that affected nearby gas and electric lines, The Detroit News reports.

A gasoline scent permeated the area of Dearborn Street near Fort after the Saturday event under a marijuana dispensary. Stash Provisioning Center "will need to be torn down," a fire official said, after the break caused part of it to topple.

Residents reportedly were frustrated by a lack of information in the 24 hours after the incident. One woman said the unidentified odor was giving her a headache and nausea and a man with asthmatic children sent them elsewhere as a precaution.

Residents initially were told a sinkhole was to blame, The News reported. Later authorities said the explosion was caused by a natural gas leak.

Read more:  The Detroit News

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