Michigan Rep. Steve Marino Won't Be Charged Following Soured Romance with Colleague

October 26, 2021, 11:20 AM

Reps. Steve Marino and Mari Manoogian

Republican state Rep. Steve Marino of Macomb County, accused by Democratic Rep. Mari Manoogian of stalking and abuse following their soured four-month relationship, won't face prosecution.

An assistant Ingham County prosecutor says charges aren't warranted, though state police detectives submitted evidence of alleged stalking, the Detroit Free Press reports.

"We are unable to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt," [Sarah] Pulda said.

When word of the contentious affair surfaced last month, Manoogian of Birmingham issued a statement:

“The unfortunate reality is that many people in our society have experienced domestic abuse, which often comes from someone we would never expect. None of us are immune to a volatile relationship, regardless of our career. It can happen right here in our legislature, where abuse of power and threats to ruin a colleague’s reputation, as well as threats of public shaming, can be used to intimidate fellow members of the legislature.”

Marino was removed from the Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee.

In her request last month for a personal protection order, Manoogian alleged that Marino acted threateningly toward her in early 2020 shortly after their four-month relationship ended. Her request included texts from Marino saying his "life mission" was to destroy her and he hoped her "car explodes on the way in." 

Marino had called Manoogian's allegations nothing more than character assassination. His attorney, Mike Rataj of Detroit, had said claims were taken out of context. 

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