Detroit police shoot carjacking suspect they say hit cruiser

February 08, 2022, 10:35 PM by  Violet Ikonomova

A suspected carjacker is in temporary serious condition in the hospital after a Detroit police officer shot him twice, allegedly because he feared he'd try to run down his colleagues.

Officers were responding to a carjacking call Tuesday evening when they saw the apparent suspect and chased him for two blocks on the northwest side, a police official at the scene told Fox 2. "As officers approached, the vehicle turned in the direction toward the officers," said Assistant Detroit Police Chief Charles Fitzgerald. "Fearing for the officers' safety, one of the officers fired multiple rounds."

Fitzgerald later reportedly said the stolen SUV hit the patrol car, which is when he believes the shots were fired. 

Preliminary reports immediately after such incidents often rely exclusively on officers' accounts of what happened; department higher-ups have not yet necessarily had a chance to review video or talk to independent witnesses. 

The shooting reportedly occured near Mark Twain and Chalfonte streets in the Bethune area after the suspected carjacker and an alleged accomplice — a juvenile — lured the driver of the jacked vehicle by posing as buyers of Nike Air Jordans. The driver was reportedly with his two young children when he was forced from his vehicle at gunpoint.

Both suspects have been arrested.

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