West Michigan foot-in-mouth candidate tries to minimize 'lie back and enjoy' rape gaffe

March 08, 2022, 6:08 AM

Robert Regan: "Sometimes my words aren't ... smooth and polished." (File photo)

The Grand Rapids nominee with foot-in-mouth disease tries to dismiss his latest stumble as imprecise speaking, not character-revealing reality.

"Sometimes, my words aren't as smooth and polished as the politicians' are because I'm not a politician," new state House candidate Robert Regan says to Bridge Michigan after telling donors why it's time to accept the 2020 election: "If rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it."

He won a special primary last week and is likely to carry his solidly Republican district.

The loose-talk politician claims he's being attacked by "the [politically] left trolls" because he's "directly over the target, dropping direct hits on an issue."

Original article, Monday:

Last week we told you about the Grand Rapids Republican winner of a special election in the 74th Michigan House district, who is so convinced George Soros is the personification of evil that he refuses to agree with him on anything, including that it was bad for Russia to invade Ukraine.

This week, Robert "RJ" Regan strikes again, with a comment so offensive even the Michigan Freedom Fund now says this guy "doesn't belong anywhere near the state Capitol." 

Watch Regan's comments below:

Yep. At what appears to be a Zoom event sponsored by the Coalition to Rescue Michigan, a group seeking "reclaim the lost liberties of the people of Michigan," Regan drags out the old saw about "enjoying" rape, and adds that he tells it to his three daughters, no less. 

(For the record, one of those three daughters tweeted that people shouldn't vote for dad during another run for office two years ago, and we're really starting to see why.)

The remarks were publicized by a liberal group, and the blowback was swift. "This monster has no business being anywhere near legislating or representing people," tweeted Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D-Royal Oak. "This your guy, @MIGOP? Is this what you stand for?")

Also, from his own side:

Regan's victory in the 74th District special election seemingly makes his victory in November a fait accompli, as the 74th is considered a safe Republican district. At this rate, however, who knows? 

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