Michigan's Mellissa Carone, Giuliani's Ex-Sidekick, Disqualified from Macomb Ballot

April 01, 2022, 8:17 PM

Mellissa Carone and Rudy Giuliani two years ago

Michigan House candidate Mellissa Carone, who got national notoriety, is disqualified from 2022 ballots in Macomb County ballot, The Detroit News reports.

Carone submitted a faulty affidavit attesting that she had no outstanding campaign finance issues. She has been crossed off Macomb County's online election list for the Aug. 2 primary and labeled as "disqualified." Macomb Clerk Anthony Forlini alerted Carone to the disqualification.

The political novice, now 35, testified in 2020 with attorney Rudy Giuliani before a state House committee about bogus voter fraud claims.

She told The News the ruling was "ridiculous."

Carone said Friday she's lawyering up to fight the disqualification, claiming Macomb County staffers advised her to sign the affidavit because it likely wouldn't be submitted to the Michigan Bureau of Elections until the end of the week, after she'd resolved her campaign finance issues.

Carone has been vowing to run for the state House almost since the smoke cleared from her fameball explosion following the 2020 election. She announced she would seek a seat in whatever district she landed in following a move from Allen Park and redistricting. She declared first for the 46th in Oakland County, then the 60th in Macomb.

In November 2020, she worked at the TCF Center in Detroit where election ballots were counted. She later testified about unfounded fraud before the state House committee in Lansing with Giuliani. 

“I know what I saw,” Carone told state Rep. Steven Johnson during the committee hearing. “And I signed something saying if I’m wrong, I can go to prison. Did you?”

See some of her House testimony:

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