Michigan ban on candidacy by felons applies to Monica Conyers too, she learns

May 17, 2022, 8:02 AM

News flash: A disgraced former Detroit Council president isn't above the law.

Monica Conyers this year (Photo: Facebook)

Wayne County's clerk confirms that fact, seemingly obvious to everyone but Monica Conyers and her lawyer. The Detroit Free Press shares the non-surprise about Conyers' filing to run for county executive in the Aug. 2 primary:

Clerk Cathy Garrett determined Conyers is ineligible for election, citing a state law that bars public officeholders convicted of a felony with a breach of public trust from holding office at the state and local levels for 20 years.

In 2009, Conyers pleaded guilty to using her position on council and a city pension fund board to solicit bribes from businessmen seeking city contracts or pension deals.

An Eastpointe attorney for the comeback-attempting candidate makes this bizarre argument:

"Until an election is completed, and a winner announced, Mrs. Conyers is merely a candidate for office," [Pamela] Campbell wrote in the response provided to the Free Press.

"So even if ... this constitutional amendment did preclude her from being an elected official, it does not prevent her eligibility to be placed on the ballot."

Got that? 

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