5-Year-old Boy Dies in Detroit After Accidentally Shooting Himself

August 23, 2022, 6:40 AM

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A five-year-old boy died Monday on Detroit's west side after accidentally shooting himself with a gun in the home, the Detroit News reports.

The boy was shot in the eye at a home in the 19700 block of Oakfield near Seven Mile Road.  The boy was with his six-year-old brother.

WXYZ reports that the person responsible for watching him was in the basement playing video games.

“The six-year-old told his uncle, 'My brother is dying. We need help,'” Deputy Chief with the Detroit Police Department Deshaune Sims said.

“Unfortunately we are here again. We have been at many of these things and the message is if you have a weapon, put it up, lock it. Keep it away from children. Unfortunately, parents and caretakers are not taking heed to that message," Sims said.

The incident is under investigation. Detroit police told WXYZ the uncle is not cooperatiing and is in custody.

As of Aug. 1, 50 kids had been shot in Detroit, 10 fatally, the News reports. 

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