Video: Detroit Police Create 'Neighborhood Response Teams' To Address Shootings at Block Parties

July 08, 2024, 3:38 PM

Chief White at Monday's press conference.

During the Fourth of July weekend, there were 27 shooting victims at six block parties. Three died.

On Monday at a press conference, the city announced new units, neighborhood response teams, that will focus on violence at weekend block parties, the Detroit Free Press reports. Detroit police will deploy more than 80 officers for the units, and will respond to incidents at block parties as "priority one" calls.

“The level of violence resulting from block parties in recent weeks has increased to an unacceptable level that has now turned tragic,” said Mayor Duggan in a statement. “Chief White and I have been in constant communication over the past two days, and we have a strategy we both are confident will make sure block parties in the city are held legally and safely.”

The announcement came a day after a mass shooting at a block party on Rossini Street near Gratiot on Detroit's east side that resulted in two dead and 19 wounded. Police said there were multiple shooters, but no arrests. 

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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