Meet Oren Goldenberg, The Man Behind The 'Save Detroit' Kickstarter

January 31, 2013, 1:53 PM

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. But we're pretty sure it's Goldenberg. At the very least, we know it's the guy asking for $15,000 on Kickstarter as Oren Goldenberg. Here's what he had to say.

Deadline Detroit: Tell me a little about the web show you're trying to get funded? I'm envisioning sketch comedy like "The State" or "Kids In The Hall." Is that a fair assessment?

Oren Goldenberg: This web-series will be like nothing you've ever seen. You won't know if what you are watching is real or imagined... or a third option that I have not mentioned.

DD: You're kind of mocking Kickstarter's model while trying to use it.  Why did you go with that meta approach?

OG: The video we made is very close to how our city is functioning currently. The idea is that if we can raise some money, we can make a web-series that will actually be able to save Detroit. Our marketing team is currently in negotiations with the city in regards to a number of the rewards, such as playing basketball with the Mayor and the naming of overcrowded classrooms.

DD: If/when you raise the $15K you're asking for, what will that actually pay for and when can we expect to see episodes online?

OG: The $15,000 being raised on kickstarter will be to produce, shoot and edit a web-series that will save Detroit. ETA: when the kickstarter is accomplished.

DD: Who is the woman in the video and where was it shot?

OG: She told us her name is Jessica Martin. We shot inside of the M@dison Building for the interior shots and the rest was green-screened at a small studio in Farmington HIlls.

DD: Generally speaking, what's your opinion of Detroit Works and the philanthropy-driven "save Detroit" efforts?

OG: Detroit, obviously does not work. We have lost all the glorious public assets the great Mayor Pingree fought to win. Philanthropy is good. Philanthropy disguised as the privatization of the public sector is also good, if you like that sort of thing. We, at SDTT (Save Detroit Think Tank [not to be confused with the san diego tracking team]) believe that there is no way to save Detroit if Detroit doesn't mean anything. We think it means a great deal.

DD: What happens first: Robocop statue or an Emergency Manager?

OG: Who's to say Robocop won't be our EM?

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