Celeb Chef Anthony Bourdain To Shoot TV Episode In Detroit

February 26, 2013, 12:18 PM

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain will be shooting an episode of his upcoming CNN show “Parts Unknown” in Detroit.

Bourdain spilled this detail in a recent post on Reddit, when he joined in on a popular Reddit-only Q&A series called “Ask Me Anything.” The posting triggered plenty of comments.


No word yet on when Bourdain will be visiting, but hundreds of foodie Redditors are already offering their advice in the comment thread.


“Parts Unknown” will premiere on CNN in spring 2013. “Parts Unknown” seems like the spiffier version of Bourdain’s previous show “No Reservations,” aired on the Travel Channel. Bourdain announced his departure from the Travel Channel in 2012.

Bourdain visited the Motor City for a 2009 episode of "No Reservations," where he popped in at three Metro Detroit eateries -- Polonia, Al-Ameer and Cadieux Cafe -- for an episode featuring Detroit, Buffalo and Baltimore.

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