On the Edge: Redford Woman's Suicide Linked to Fringe Religion by Family

March 10, 2013, 6:27 AM

Relatives of 22-year-old Kelly Pingilley, a Redford Township woman who killed herself two and a half months ago, feel a self-described Ohio messiah shares responsibility for her death, Francis X. Donnelly reports in The Detroit News,

Family members and friends say Pingilley was entranced by Sherry Shriner, a writer and broadcaster "promoting a religion that believes in UFOs, vampires, conspiracy theories and doomsday prophecies," as the reporter puts it.

Image from one of Sherry Shriner's websites.

Shriner runs her Internet ministry from her home. Among her 19 websites are They Want You Dead, Serpent Seedline and Just Give Me the Truth. She said the sites are viewed 3 million times a month. . . .

The self-proclaimed messiah, who has self-published two books about her beliefs, said during her radio show in January that people who agree with her teachings are often described as crazy by society.

Family and friends say Shriner filled Pingilley's head with scary, apocalyptic thoughts that led to an intentional sleeping pill overdose Dec. 28.

Donnelly quotes 73-year-old grandmother Kellie Pingilley of Southfield as saying: "She's done a lot of damage. Someone should do something about her."

For her part, Shriner tells The News reporter that Pingilley's death was made to look like a suicide bya NATO hit squad.

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