Free Slurpee-Mobile Downtown To Promote Future Cadillac Square Storefront

April 16, 2013, 12:59 PM


This flashy 7-Eleven truck is giving away free Slurpees in downtown's Cadillac Square Tuesday to promote 7-Eleven's return to Detroit after several years.

This giveaway will have to curb your slurp cravings until August, when a 7-Eleven is expected to open at 139 Cadillac Square.

According to Mike Anderer, a Senior Real Estate Representative at 7-Eleven, the lease for the Cadillac Square location was given final city approval Monday. 7-Eleven hopes to have another location open downtown by the end of the year, and is looking to open a bevvy of storefronts in areas of the city "not just limited to the central business district."

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