Let's Make 'This Is Your Fault, Tate:' Detroit's Internet Meme Of The Week

April 17, 2013, 6:40 AM

About 30 seconds into this short Free Press video of Tuesday's City Council protests, one of the protest leaders begins repeatedly shouting "This is your fault, Tate!" at Detroit City Councilman James Tate.

Since that White Detroit Entrepreneurial Guy has run its course -- actually it's still funny, but in the way that The State is still funny -- we thought this moment of spirited civil dissent could be the stuff of a fun new Detroit meme, or rather a fun new application of the meme of putting words on pictures on the internet. Please people, learn what the word meme means. Richard Dawkins didn't devote his career to improving our understanding of evolutionary biology so we could better explain LOL Cats.

Anyway, what other things can we blame on James Tate? Let's see.

Deindustrialization. That's totally James Tate's fault.

Luscious Mullet James Rosendall's barber? Recommended by James Tate.

Michigan didn't win the national championship because James Tate.

Kardashians are clearly James Tate's fault.

Remaking Red Dawn with North Korea invading a Spokane that looks like Detroit?  James Tate did it.

Snowstorms? James Tate.


Professional sports owner's Comic Sans screeds? James Tate is responsible.

Presented without comment. But, yeah, let's put this on James Tate too.

Forty years of NFL football and one playoff win? Blame James Tate.

Parking tickets. Get three and they boot your car. That's gotta be James Tate's fault.

Rodney Lockwood's homoerotic Ayn Rand fan fiction? Why not blame James Tate?


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