Video: Debris Flies Noisily Amid More 'Transformers 4' Action in Detroit

August 07, 2013, 5:12 PM by  Alan Stamm

Part of the "Bayhem" staged downtown Wednesday by director Michael Bay.

Loud, dramatic mock destruction was heard and seen anywhere near the "Transformers 4" set downtown Wednesday as filming nears its finale there.

A fan site describes the battle sequences as "Bayhem" staged by Michael Bay, the director making his fourth installment of popular film series.

Extras playing pedestrians await a scene Wednesday.

In a 53-second video (below) taped from a garage roof by Jerry B. of Wyandotte, who also snapped these frames, extras run and scream below the People Mover as a blue SUV races backward while an off-camera crane drops debris and a car near them -- presumably thrown by a Transformer to be added via computer-generated imagery (CGI).  

"You can hear explosions in the background," the cameraman tells Deadline Detroit.

Special-effects preparations he observes from a strategically located office suggest the Washington Boulevard set comes down soon with a bang, perhaps Wednesday night. "My theory is that either tonight or tomorrow they're going to either rip the roofs off of that structure or pull the thing completely down in an explosive BOOM," our trusty observer emails. "They were also working on a ton of wiring which would seem to support the big boom theory as well."

Production there is scheduled to wrap up Thursday before the cast and crew head to Delta Township near Lansing. They'll shoot Saturday and Sunday at a GM plant where the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia are assembled on weekdays.   

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