Talking 'Low Winter Sun' With Detroit Cop And TV Consultant Ira Todd

August 23, 2013, 10:10 AM by  Allan Lengel

Executive Producer Chris Mundy and Detroit cop Ira Todd, a series consultant.

Jeff Wattrick and Allan Lengel sit down with Detroit Police Investigator and "Low Winter Sun" consultant Ira Todd, who dishes about what's true to life and what's embellished for television.

"I think they're capturing a part of the city," he says.

Todd says he asked the show's creators: "Do you want to see real Detroit or do you want to see what everybody else wants you to see? And they said show me real Detroit."

"I just wanted to show them that there is an underclass of people that are good people but just happen to be stuck in this city."

Todd also tells us the real life people that Low Winter Sun characters Inspector Boyd, Papa T and Reverend Lowdown are based on. Plus, where to find delicious corned beef egg rolls.

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