Gangsta 9-Year-Old? Hardly

September 20, 2013, 6:21 AM


Here's an incident that goes way too far. 


Sure, after incidents like Columbine and Sandy Hook Elementary School we've got to be vigilante.

But in this case?

Fox2 reports that a  9-year-old named Gage has been suspended indefinitely from the Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate for pretending a toy was a gun.

First off, the toy in question is some type of spinning top. The device that spins the top barely resembles any kind of gun. Gage says that all he did was tap a friend on the shoulder with the toy  when the friend asked to look at it. 

Reporter Ron Savage reports that Gage and the two other boys who were with him at the time of the incident say he never said the words "bang, bang" contrary to what the school says.


Gage's father Jonathan Duff thinks the school is overreacting.  

"They're kids, they have imaginations," Duff said. "It doesn't look like a gun." -- Allan Lengel





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