Live Blogging For AMC's 'Low Winter Sun' Starts Tonight at 11:15

September 29, 2013, 8:19 PM

Detective Frank Agnew (Mark Strong) is in the witness box hot seat Sunday night.

The real buzz tonight is about the finale of "Breaking Bad."

Fair to say, "Low Winter Sun" hopes to get some of that spillover viewership tonight from "Breaking Bad."

The eighth episode of "Low Winter Sun" airs more than an hour later at 11:15 p.m. on AMC.

Once again, as we've done in the past several weeks, Deadline's Jeff Wattrick and Allan Lengel will be blogging live during the show.

There are 10 episodes in the first season, and undoubtedly, the last three better be top-shelf or it's likely there will be no season 2.

Allan: Wow, some homes being knocked down across from Frank Agnew's house. Progress in the city.

Jeff: The dumpster had a 586 number. That's a nice touch.

Jeff: That judge seemed awfully casual with Agnew's back and forth with the prosecutor.

Allan: Yes, need a little more emotion.

Jeff: The roof of the old Wayne County Building is a nice visual.

Allan: Yes, great view. And Geddes is trying to screw everyone.

Allan: One of the few times they've show a nice view of the city.

Allan: I saw the Stooges use pliers to remove teeth. But that looked mighty painful.

Jeff: Yeah, the tooth thing was intense, but I'm not sure how it was relevant to the storyline.

Allan: Agree. Doesn't do much to move things forward, unless Frank Agnew is thinking about going to dental school.

Jeff: Just to cut through the noise: Geddes basically copped to killing McCann and the International crew is going to try to kill the Greek. That's essentially what we've learned so far, right?

Allan: That's a good summation

Allan: I like the exchange between the prosecution and defense.

Jeff: How is insinuating a detective cooks cases even allowed within a mile of a jury?

Allan: Looks like the objection was sustained.

Jeff: Well, this looks promising.

Allan: Questions is, do you think the top Greek knows Damon is out to kill him?

Jeff: You'd think so.

Jeff: Threatening a rival's kids is how the boss remains a boss.

Allan: That's one thing this show has lacked is more development of characters through private life, like the cop show Southland.

Jeff:Yeah, I didn't even know they had kids.

Jeff: I don't know what these webcam sessions cost, but this can't be cheap.

Allan: I wish they had spent more time developing Agnew's relationship with the hooker. It still doesn't evoke much emotion from a viewer's standpoint when watching his exchange with her.

Jeff: Yeah. Like you've said before, it seems strange for a veteran cop to fall in love with a hooker. There's a story there.

Allan: It just seems it was never developed on screen very well, so it ends up looking for like a junior high infatuation

Jeff: Exactly.

Allan: Looks like Internal Affairs is on the job, following Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes.

Allan: We need more Khalil in the show

Jeff: Yes. She's the strongest character.

Allan: Agreed.

Allan: I like that exchange about Frank being monitored by someone else logging in to sex site.

Jeff: So is IA tracking Agnew's internet activity? Or someone else...

Allan: Either IA or Geddes? Or the Greeks? 

Jeff: Seems like Agnew thinks its Geddes.

Allan: Could be. Geddes is evil. Or sinister

Jeff: Yeah. Although he doesn't exactly seem like a tech-savvy kind of guy.
Allan: True. IA does.

Allan: About 20 minutes left. I want to see more action.

Jeff: Agreed, they've gone back to their plodding habits.

Allan: Wow, Khalil is working with IA.. I like that little twist

Jeff: Yep

Allan: Why am I not feeling the suspense of those guys plotting to kill the Greek boss?

Jeff: Yeah. It seems unlikely they would waste too much time thinking about it.

Jeff: IA has figured it out.

Allan: Yes, IA is in the back of the kitchen at Mario's, I assume.

Allan: Internal Affairs seems to know the entire scenario.

Allan: Culture in Detroit. We haven't seen much sign up til now that people enjoy any type of culture in the city. Long overdue to bring a little balance.

Allan: Sounds like the Greek mob is trying to track the hooker down.

Allan: Frank Agnew is a crazed man.

Jeff: Yeah. Although I don't totally understand why. Oh wow, that was unexpected.

Allan: Oh my gosh, Gedees just killed Frank's woman. He's out of control. Frank isn't going to like that.

Jeff: So, other all, what did you think of this episode?

Allan : Well, I liked some parts but I still feel too much time setting up things. Season is almost over. Let it rock. Good development at end. Frank will obviously try and kill Geddes if he finds out Geddes killed the hooker. You?

Allan: Also, I'm disappointed. The executives of the show kept saying that it was all about redemption and Detroit was a character in the show that was also part of that redemption theme. I don't see it. Do you?

Jeff: I do see Detroit as a character, but the redemption theme is hard to see.

Allan: I'd like them to go a little deeper like The Wire, where you felt the influence of city hall and the politics of the city.

Jeff: It seems like the emptiness of Detroit is a theme that speaks to all the characters. They're all islands onto themselves.

Allan: That's true.. Good point.


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