Mitch Albom Column Promotes Mitch Albom Event That Will Heal The Races

October 27, 2013, 8:58 AM


Noted 2005 Final Four non-attendee Mitch Albom is really tired of the media (a thing that he is absolutely not a part of) always covering stories of racial "clashes" when they should be providing team coverage of this one Damon Keith fundraiser where the federal judge "slaps and hugs hundreds of attendees of every creed, color and religious persuasion."

How very brave of His Honor. What do you call it when someone is praised for doing something so basic and decent and obvious that it doesn't require praise? Patronizing? Let's go with patronizing.

Anyway, Mitch wants you to know, you have another opportunity to experience such racial egalitarianism when Mitch co-hosts an event next month that will benefit Mitch's charity "S.A.Y. Detroit." You can read about all the details in Mitch's 750-word commercial column about the event that will likely heal all our nation's racial wounds.

Freep: That night, on stage at the Fox, Leyland will talk to the crowd about his career and how he managed everyone from Barry Bonds to Miguel Cabrera without seeing skin color, and Stafford will talk about living in a sport where you can’t see color and win. Kem and the Four Tops will talk about how music breaks down barriers — and perform to prove it — and so many others will share, laugh and revel in the spirit of cooperation that often gets overlooked.

If you make your way to his second to last paragraph, Mitch gives a call to action complete with web links and phone numbers to purchase tickets to Mitch's event. Commerce, facilitated!


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