Enough Already With All The Phone Messages, EM Spokesman Tells Media

November 18, 2013, 12:48 PM by  Alan Stamm

Bill Nowling's job as Kevyn Orr's spokesman would be much simpler if reporters didn't keep trying to reach him by phone.

To make things easier -- for him, at least -- the Detroit emergency manager's office is "instituting a new 'contact procedure," described via email:

Going forward, all media requests (for information, for interviews, for directions) will be handled via e-mail. . . . 

Please don’t leave a voice mail message. . . . It is not unusual for me to have 25 or more VMs waiting to be heard.

That change, laid out in a six-paragraph message to print and broadcast media covering Orr, annoys at least one local recipient -- who sent it to national journalism blogger Jim Romenesko with this observation:

“Just thought it seemed a little strange to have a press secretary tell all reporters, ‘don’t call me anymore.’ Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.”

The text of Nowling's email is at the link below.

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