Really? A 'No Colors Allowed' Sign at Bar Sparks Absurd Cries of Racism

February 05, 2014, 10:29 PM


Here's a story that goes under the category of the absurd.

Beer Belly's Bar on Van Born Road in Taylor has a sign posted outside that says "NO COLORS ALLOWED." Most people know what that means: No gang colors, and in this case, motor cycle gangs.

But apparently somebody didn't get it and and circulated a Facebook video suggesting it meant no "colored" or black customers, a throwback to the days of the South when some restaurants and businesses posted the sign "No Colored Allowed." 

Fox 2 reports that the video has prompted people to call the bar and threaten the help.

Aaron Stevens, who owns the bar with his father, says the whole thing is ridiculous. He says the sign refers to bikers, who are known to wear gang colors.

"I think it's ridiculous because we're in an area with a lot of mixed races here, and we have a lot of black people that come in here," Stevens told Fox 2. "A lot of regulars are black, and I think it's ridiculous that people think that we're like that around here."

Black patron DeWight Thomas told Fox 2 he's a regular who feels welcome at the bar. -- Allan Lengel

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