Meet The Neo-Nazi Down The Street: Eastpointe Resident Jeff Schoep

February 21, 2014, 8:40 AM

To be the "largest neo-Nazi group in the United States" is kind of dubious distinction. After all, what does it mean really? That you have a few dozen mouth-breathers on your mailing list?

And it's not like these things ever end well. A couple years ago, a neo-Nazi leader in California was killed by his own 10-year-old son. Frank Collin, the "Illinois Nazi" who wanted to march in Skokie, turned out to be a pedophile. Also, these dummies want to be Nazis. That's just always bad.

It turns out the largest neo-Nazi organization in the U.S. is based in Detroit and run by an Eastpointe resident named Jeff Schoep.

WXYZ's Heather Catallo interviewed Schoep and the results are, well, expected.

WXYZ: “Are you an anti-Semite?” asked Catallo.

“Define anti-Semite,” said Schoep.

“Do you dislike Jewish people,” asked Catallo.

“I believe in the national self-determination of all peoples. That all people have the right to exist and the right to their own homelands and things of that nature,” said Schoep.

Define anti-Semite? Holy hell. Not only are these guys Nazis, but apparently they talk like trial lawyers.

Michigan Nazis. I hate Michigan Nazis.

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