Update: Detroit Model-Singer, 21, Has First Court Hearing In Georgia Slaying

March 13, 2014, 9:25 AM by  Alan Stamm

Skyy Mims, a 21-year-old aspiring model and hip-hop singer from Detroit, on Wednesday afternoon stood before a Georgia magistrate as he said:

Skyy Mims is arraigned Wednesday in Georgia. (Photo via WRCB-TV)

"Skyy Raven Marie Mims, is that your name? They have you for warrant on a felony for a charge of murder. That charge will have to be sent before the superior court for a bond hearing, OK?" 

That account of the Detroiter's brief court hearing in Whitfield County, Ga., comes from TV reporter Megan Brantley of WRCB in nearby Tennessee. (Video below.)

Mims, accused of fatally stabbing a northwest Georgia gas station clerk in a Sunday night robbery, has a bond hearing Friday morning before a county judge.

Original article, Wednesday noon:
It's news that sounds like a novelistic twist or screen drama:



A 21-year-old Detroit model, who participated in a fashion show here five months ago, is accused of fatally stabbing a 37-year-old Georgia gas station clerk last weekend about four miles from an I-75 exit.

Skyy Raven Marie Mims was arrested Tuesday afternoon in Bartow County, Ga., according to the Fox 5 News in Atlanta. Police say they got a tip that she was at a residence there.

Capt. Rick Swiney with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office said. Mims tried to run from officers, but was captured. Swiney said. Investigators also found the car Mims was allegedly driving late Sunday — a Kia Soul that had been reported stolen from Michigan.

Update: The Detroiter was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of murder and armed robbery, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Her next court appearance is Friday morning before a Whitfield County Superior Court judge.. 

She's accused of killing 36-year-old Dahyabhai Chaudhari, a clerk at Kanku’s Express on Airport Road in Dalton, Sunday night.

The shop owner says only a small amount of cash and $80 to $90 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets were taken, according to WSB-TV of Atlanta. The sheriff's office says Mims walked into the store, stabbing the victim to death in a back room just a few feet from the front counter, according to the owner. 

Surveillance camera footage released by police shows Sunday night's murder suspect entering the gas station in Dalton, Ga. (Photo via Fox 5 News of Atlanta)

Dalton, a county seat in northwest Georgia, is about 80 miles from Atlanta. Bartow is closer to the state capital, also to the northwest. 

Photos on two of Mims' Facebook pages, where she lists Detroit as her hometown and posted a status update as recently as last Friday, show her posing on a fashion show catwalk last Oct. 17.

She posts this profile mini-essay, which now seems poignantly haunting as it refers to "a life full of pain, misfortune and hate:"

There's this Girl Named "Skyy Raven Marie Mims." Unlike those around her who feel tied down to what "Society" provides them, she finds a way to escape to her own Utopia using Tempos and Harmonies.

A life full of pain, misfortune and hate, keeping her head high on life's journey that God has Paved. Yes I'm Saved, and I say Saved because I refuse to worship money and become another slave. I rather make a difference and bring LOVE back out from the Shade.

I ask myself what's wrong with the world, soon you'll know more about this girl. My Story in only right for Remembrance, and NO I'm not "Different" I am THE DIFFERENCE. Stay Tuned.

Skyy Mims posted this portfolio shot three months ago on one of her Facebook pages.

Read more:  WRCB-TV (Chattanooga, Tenn.)

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