Diana Peloquin of Ann Arbor | Who Ends Arthur Chu's Jeopardy! Streak?

March 12, 2014, 9:02 PM by  Alan Stamm

It was inevitable that a sharp Jeopardy! contest would knock off serial champ Arthur Chu eventually, and the quick-clicking fact whiz who did so is Diana Peloquin, a University of Michigan graduate student in law and social work from Ann Arbor, Mich.

She won the game that aired Wednesday night, ending an 11-win streak by Chu that earned him $297,200 -- the third-largest haul in the popular show's history.

Arthur Chu after Wednesday night's game.

Chu's unconventional methods made him a pseudo-celebrity and villain to some viewers, as Michael S. James of "Good Morning America" posts on ABC's site.

Peloquin scooped up the first two "Daily Doubles," bet big and won to build up her lead.

Chu, 30, an insurance compliance worker and voice-over actor from Broadview Heights, Ohio, did manage to secure the final "Double Jeopardy" question, but this time a big bet cost him. He bet all $7,600 he had and ended up at $0, leaving him more than $11,000 behind the leader, Peloquin.

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