Community Activist Blasts WDIV's Hank Winchester on MSBNC

July 09, 2014, 4:11 PM

Detroit's water shut offs have become an emotionally-charged issue, and that was apparent during an MSNBC segment.

Maureen Taylor, state chairwoman of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization appeared on a split screen on Tuesday with WDIV’s Hank Winchester, and blasted Winchester, saying he “doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about."

The video, which appears on Motor City Muckraker, shows Winchester talking about all the customers who have had water service cut off, but suggested that some simply don't want to pay the bill and would rather spend their money on cable. 

“To suggest that people don’t want to pay their water bill is scandalous,” Taylor said, characterizing Winchester's information "lies" and "disinformation." 

“There are tens of thousands of low-income families who can’t afford their rising water costs.”

“Let’s have some truth and a fair exchange instead of Hank gobbling up all the time,” said Taylor.

Winchester said he realizes that there are people with hardships. But he asked: "Maureen, you don't believe there are people who don't want to pay the bill? "  

Steve Neavling of Motor City Muckraker reports that Winchester said the original segment was eight-minutes long and included him defending Detroiters who are unable to pay for water bills. He said the truncated video was created by supporters of Taylor.

Taylor said she’d return to the show if Winchester wasn’t involved. 

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