Grosse Pointe Teen Taggers Will Clean Detroit Graffiti As Part Of Plea Deal

August 26, 2014, 6:56 AM

Three Grosse Pointe Woods teenaged girls, charged with vandalizing downtown buildings with spray paint, have accepted plea deals that would commit each to 60 hours of community service, including cleaning graffiti from buildings, Oralnder Brand-Williams reports in the Detroit News.

In exchange for their community service, their criminal records could be expunged next year.

The teens were also ordered to pay a total of $2,000 in restitution for damage to the buildings along with court fees for their diversionary programs.

The deal was reached Monday morning in the courtroom of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Deborah Thomas. The girls’ parents were in the courtroom when the plea deal was announced.

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert, who has purchased more than 60 buildings downtown, sent a memo to employees in hopes of tracking down the three young women.

“Unfortunately, once in a great while, degenerates who don’t ‘get it’ crawl out of their deep, dark holes and try to ruin it for the rest of us who take pride in and deeply care about our city,” Gilbert wrote in a letter to employees that included surveillance images of the three women. He urged them to put the photos on social media to generate tips.

Women were spotted spray-painting “Izzy,” “bitch,” “fuck,” and “Welcome to Detroit” on the alley side of the building. Gilbert offered a reward for productive information.


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