Entreprenuers Are Target Of Four Events in Detroit This Month

September 02, 2014, 6:40 AM

Bye, summer. Hello, business networking season.

That's the subtext of a mark-your-calendar post from the new economy boosters at Michipreneur, "an online publication built to empower entrepreneurs, encourage investment, strengthen small business and foster talent retention in Michigan."

A panel discussion at the 2013 Techonomy conference.

Amanda Lewan of Bamboo Detroit, the site's editor, lists four events downtown this monthg and one next month for startup businesses and those interested in them:

  • Techonomy Detroit, Sept. 15-16: Speakers at Wayne Stateis will discuss the sharing economy, technology and urban development, and brand building.
  • NewCo Detroit,  Sept. 18: Fifty-six startups will host  visitors for show-and-tell introductions. More than 1,000 people attended last year's inaugural event, called OpenCo. At a 6 p.m.. run-up Sept. 17 in the Madison Building, David Farbman of NAI Farbman will speak and four business owners will discuss “How Detroit Entrepreneurs Are Transforming Neighborhoods.” 
  • TEDx Detroit, Sept. 30: TEDx, the national conference that hosts short ted talks focusing on ideas, convenes again in Detroit. This year’s theme is “reinvention.”
  • Meeting of the Minds, Sept. 30-Oct. 2: The conference on urban challenges will take place at College for Creative Studies and will bring together more than 350 invited participants from more than a dozen countries representing public, private, and nonprofit sectors. 

Lewan also gives a shout to Brand Camp Summit (Oct. 16-23), a conference for innovators and entrepreneurs founded by Hajj Flemings.

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