Pastor Says Flint's Water 'Almost As Bad As Gas Chambers for Jews'

March 04, 2015, 6:49 AM

Flint has a water problem. It also has a controversy.

Randy Wimbley of Fox 2 reports that Rev. Charles Williams II of Detroit, who is the president of the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton's National Action Network,  says Flint's water is "almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews." He's also compared the situation with the water, which is discolored and has an odor,  to the holocaust. Some residents have complained of having physical reactions to the water.

The Anti-Defamation League, a national Jewish organization, called the remarks inappropriate.

"The city of Flint's residents are being sold bad water and being told to like it," said Williams, who is the pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church of Detroit, according to Fox 2.  "That's just as unjust as slavery, that's just as unjust as genocide, and an injustice is an injustice."

Heidi Budaj, the Regional Director of the Anti Defamation League tells Fox 2:

"I would imagine that he didn't mean to offend hundreds even thousands of people when made those comments but again comparing what's going on here to what happened in the holocaust is never appropriate."

MLive reports:

City officials have said Flint water is safe for the vast majority of the people to drink but warned in January notices that TTHM can pose increased health risks for those with a compromised immune system, the elderly, pregnant women and infants.

Testing during the last two months has shown the city is meeting all health and safety standards for water, and a consultant is expected to deliver a report this week, detailing recommendations for improving the quality of drinking water here.

MLive reports that Flint started having problems when it it switched in April from using water purchased from Detroit to using the Flint River as its source.  

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