Update: Mom in Deaths of 2 Kids: 'I'm Not Evil, It Was An Evil Act'

March 26, 2015, 7:40 AM

Mitchelle Blair/ Facebook photo

Update, Thursday, 11:10 a.m.: The parent who reportedly admits killing her two children and stuffing them in a freezer, was arraigned Thursday in Detroit's 36th District Court on child abuse charges, Fox 2 reports. Bond is set at $1 million during a siz=minute hearing. 

Mitchelle Blair will likely later face murder charges as well.

Thursday morning article:

The mother who reportedly admitted killing her two children and stuffing them in a stand-alone freezer, faces child abuse charges for now. Additional charges are expected.

Erika Erickson of Fox 2 reports that Mitchelle Blair, 35, will be arraigned today on those charges. The bodies of her two children were discovered Tuesday after authorities came to the apartment on Detroit's east side to evict the family for failing to pay rent. 

Fox 2 reports that Blair told police:

"I am not evil, it was an evil act."

Fox 2 reports that Blair told authorities that she killed the children, a boy, 9, and a girl, 13, because they were abusing the younger brother, taking away his food and raping him.

Fox 2 reports that the boy was killed in 2012.

Citing unnamed sources, Fox 2 reports that Blair confronted her son who admitted to the sexual acts. She then put him in scalding water, killing him. She wrapped him in his favorite blanket and put him in the freezer.

Nine months later, in May 2013, Fox 2 reports that Blair found that the daughter, then 13, was sexually assaulting the younger brother so she strangled her, wrapped her in a garbage bag and placed her on top of the brother in the freezer.

Fox 2 reports that two other children in the house, who are now in the custody of a relative, may have known about the murders, but were afraid to speak out.  The boy is 8 and the sister is 17.


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