Folks Lament About the Negative Impact of the Grand Prix on Belle Isle

June 02, 2015, 3:12 PM


The Grand Prix has been a long-time tradition in Detroit, but not everyone is fond of it and the impact it has the city's jewel, Belle Isle.

John Gallagher of the Detroit Free Press writes that in the past couple days on social media some have complained about the impact of the race on the park including tire ruts that chewed up parts of Belle Isle's lawns to the three months required to set up and take down the race facilities.

"It just seems quite excessive to be three months long," Todd Scott, executive director of the nonprofit Detroit Greenways Coalition, said this week, according to the Freep. "I remember being out there in the middle of March, and it was already set up, concrete blocks in the bike lanes, you couldn't get access to the sidewalks."

Gallagher writes that heavy rains during race weekend contributed to vehicle damage to lawns both on Belle Isle itself and in Erma Henderson Park off East Jefferson.

The Freep reports that the chairman of the race's organizing committee said the Grand Prix team will repair the grass surfaces. 

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