State Rep. Dave Agema Totally Cool With “Unethical” Speaker Jase Bolger

July 19, 2012, 12:38 PM

Detroit News: State Rep. Dave Agema, the GOP caucus chairman, called Schmidt's foiled attempt to recruit and pay his son's friend "unethical."

"Nothing illegal was done. Was it unethical? Yup, probably," said Agema, Michigan's new Republican National Committeeman from Grandville. "The people put him in, the people can take him out."

Yup, well he’s the thing, “the people,” by which one assumes Agema the electorate in Bolger’s district, did put him in the state House. However, it was "the people" like Dave Agema (i.e. the House Republican Caucus) that put Bolger in the Speaker’s chair.

Well, if Dave Agema is saying he and is fellow Republican legislators are comfortable with an unethical Speaker, so be it. -- JTW

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