Appeals Court Puts Resentencing On Hold For 'White Boy Rick'

September 11, 2015, 10:16 PM

Ricahrd Wershe Jr. in court Sept. 4

Richard "White Boy Rick" Wershe Jr. received some bad news this week after getting good news from a judge last week that he would be resentenced.

On Friday, the Michigan Court of Appeals granted a stay requested by the prosecutor's office, putting on hold a resentencing that was set for next Friday,  Kevin Dietz of WDIV reports. Wershe is serving a life sentence for a drug trafficking conviction, and he had hoped the judge would resentence him to time served and let him go free. He has served nearly 28 years. He was first arrested at age 17 and sentenced to life at 18.

In issuing its ruling, the Court of Appeals directed both sides to file briefs later this month as to why resentencing should or shouldn't take place. 

Dietz also reported Wershe got some other bad news this week. 

Dietz reports that the state of Florida says it intends to get Wershe from Michigan and have him serve a 2-to-5-year sentence in a Florida prison for his part in a car theft ring. That case happened while Wershe was in Florida under the witness protection program around 2005.

"My reaction is, I think someone told them to come and get me because they don't want me out of prison," Wershe told WDIV.

Wershe told WDIV that he introduced people to each other who ended up getting involved in stolen cars.  

"I never received a dime from anything from that," he said. "The people that I introduced got probation and I got 60 months for it."

He previously told Deadline Detroit that he did nothing wrong, and only pleaded guilty in the Florida case because authorities threatened to charge his mother nd sister, who had a bought a car that ended up being stolen. Wershe said they had no idea they had bought a stolen car. 


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