Update: Flint to Rejoin Detroit Water System, Snyder Says; ACLU Weighs In

October 08, 2015, 12:35 PM by  Allan Lengel

Thursday, 2:53 p.m.: The American Civil Liberties Union wants the governor's office to take additional steps to safeguard against a repeat of Flint's water crisis.

Kary Moss, Excecutive Director of the ACLU, issues a statement: 

“While we certainly welcome Flint’s return to a source of clean water, we are just as concerned about making sure that we have measures in place to prevent such disasters in the future. 

At its root, this problem springs from short-sighted decision-making by an emergency manager who, in the name of fiscal expediency, left the city to grapple on its own with devastating public-health consequences. The immediate solution is to make sure the water is safe.  But any long-term fix to this problem must ensure that those responsible for these decisions are held accountable.”

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The Flint water fiasco has been a political and human mess.

Now, the state, which had moved very slowly on the matter, is stepping things up.

Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday announced that the City of Flint will reconnect with the Detroit water system to improve water quality after tests showed serious concerns over lead contamination. The water has been coming from the Flint River.

Snyder will request the state Legislature to provide half, or $6 million, of the $12 million needed to reconnect with the Detroit system, the Great Lakes Water Authority. The city of Flint will provide $2 million and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has committed $4 million, a press release said.

“All Flint residents need clean, safe drinking water,” Snyder said in a statement.. “The technical experts helping the city on its water advisory all agree this move back to the Great Lakes Water Authority provides the best public health protection for children and families. This effort today is the result of people coming together to solve a problem. I appreciate Detroit’s willingness to reconnect with Flint, the Mott Foundation’s generous commitment, and the dedication of all parties to come together to protect Flint families and children.”

City residents could see the change later this month. 

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