We Love to Dream: Ask Erin Rose of the Website "Positive Detroit"

July 29, 2012, 6:37 PM by  Allan Lengel

“This is Hollywood. Everybody's got a dream. What's your dream?” -- From the movie "Pretty Woman."

This ain’t Hollywood. Not even close. But here in the Motor City people have dreams, some achievable, some not, some that come with $50,000 (I’ll explain that in a minute).

Erin Rose, 33, a native of the Flint area, who moved from Ferndale to downtown Detroit in May, has listed her dreams -- ok hers are more like “wants” -- on her website “Positive Detroit."

Some are fairly ambitious: a Foodtruck Park and a “Bell Isle Beach” replete with kayak, canoe and paddle boats sales, rental and lessons . Others are not nearly as ambitious: Better hours at Jimmy John’s on Monroe and Griswold.

Rose, who has a creative dating website Pick Mi Date, which will soon be replaced by Create My Date, is also about helping deliver dreams to the dreamers.

She sits on the executive board of  Hatch Detroit, a contest that is offering $50,000 in cash, plus $50,000 in support services, for someone to start a business in Detroit. Comerica bank is putting up the dough. The board will help whittle down the number of contestants with public input.

The deadline to enter is Aug. 1. Last year’s winner was Joe Posch, who is opening a business in Midtown called “Hugh,” which is described as a household store with classic masculine items.

Rose created her blog Positive Detroit  in 2008 because she'd had enough of all the poisonous press about Detroit.

"This blog has been created out of 1 part irritation and 2 parts necessity," she writes on her site. "The local media in the Detroit Area has turned into a pack of well coifed negative nellies. I refuse to chomp on their pessimistic pill and overdose."

Of Rose’s dreams or wants, she wrote the other day on her site:  

As much as people talk about the things they do not want in Detroit (I will refrain from giving examples for the sake of this article and your sanity), I would like to provide you with a list of things I do want. I fully admit that this is a selfish list, though I have a sneaking suspicion I am not alone in my desires and could quite possibly inspire some new ones (crossing fingers).

Here are some of the more appealing dream: 

A Foodtruck Court:  Rose writes that the court will have a "slew of amenities like seating, restrooms, wifi, bike racks, stroller valet, atm, live music stage friendly play area, gardens featuring local art and water display.
Roof top Bars: “A pool would be a nice addition,” she notes.
Art Botique Hotels: Each room disigned by a different artist, she says.
Somerset CityLoft: Full time shops open on Woodward.
Film Tours: “Let’s start highjlighting all the Hollyood that Detroit Has to Offer.”

Yes, everybody’s got a dream. What’s yours?

Feel free to post them below in the comment section.

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