Video: A Chat with a Man in Detroit Who Sells Sneakers for $150 to $30,000

October 21, 2016, 11:25 PM by  Allan Lengel

Andy Beletskiy, owner of Nojo Kicks at 1220 Library St. in downtown Detroit,  sells sneakers for $150. He also charges $8,500 and even up to $30,000 for some.

Who are the customers? Everyday Joes as well as celebrities, including Usher, Beletskiy says.


The store opened two years ago in the Z Garage, owned by Dan Gilbert. It was the idea of his teens -- Noah, now 18,  and Jordan, now 16, who also work there after school. He named the store by combining his sons' first names  (Nojo).

Beletskiy is also a partner in Rapid Metals, a steel company based in West Bloomfield that sells products to businesses including the automotive and agricultural industries.   

Deadline Detroit's Allan Lengel stopped by the shop to chat with Beletskiy.

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