Holiday Week Compassion: Drive for WSU Officer Collin Rose Surpasses $40,000

November 25, 2016, 7:16 AM by  Alan Stamm

A Midtown Detroit tragedy just before Thanksgiving tugs emotions across Southeast Michigan and beyond. It also elicits generosity from 700 donors to an online memorial fund for the family and fiancée of Collin Rose, a Wayne State University police officer fatally shot on duty Tuesday night near campus.

WSU senior Brent Steinacker, a business school student, started a GoFundMe page for contributions to be administered by Nicole Saigot, who was engaged to the 29-year-old law enforcer and master's degree student. They planned to wed next year.  

More than $40,000 is given since Wednesday night. The original goal was $20,000.





Steinacker posts:

Funds . . . will be used to assist in paying for Officer Rose's funeral expenses and memorial services. Donated funds will be directly withdrawn by Officer Rose's fiancée, Nicole Salgot.

Ms. Salgot will be responsible allocating these funds to their deserved location, and all the people involved have full and absolute faith in Ms. Salgot's honorable use of these funds.

Donors include Detroit property developer Darin McLeskey, who gave $200 on Thanksgiving afternoon, and a couple that appears to know the victim's family. "Our deepest condolences to Randy, Karen, Curtis and Nicole," Randy and Julie Fry post with their $100 contribution. 

Hat tip to reader Jess Greene for calling our attention to the fund drive.

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