Kevyn Orr's Law Firm Blasts Duggan with Explosive Language and Personal Attacks

March 21, 2017, 8:30 AM

Mayor Mike Duggan and Kevyn Orr

Jones Day, the D.C. law firm where former Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is a partner, has gotten out the sharp knives in a battle with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, who has made public threats to sue the firm for allegedly misleading him during the city's bankruptcy.

In a 13-page letter sent to the city on Feb. 23, Jones Day Managing Partner Stephen Brogan dismissed Duggan's comments as those of a "political hack." He accused Duggan of using a threat of a lawsuit to distance himself from the bankruptcy, writes reports Joe Guillen of the Detroit Free Press.

Brogan's detailed rebuttal of the city's claims against Jones Day is based on a draft lawsuit the city shared with the firm prior to Duggan's comments. The letter was sent the same day Duggan accused Orr of concealing information from both him and Detroit CFO John Hill about calculations used to predict the city’s future pension payments.

Duggan leveled the accusations during a budget presentation to City Council, writes Guillen, who goes on to report:

"Filing this action would place the mayor in a long line of corrupt Detroit politicians who placed personal political ambition above an objective determination of the city's best interest," Brogan wrote in his letter, obtained by the Free Press through the Freedom of Information Act.

"If this case goes forward, we will prove that it does not — and cannot — serve the interest of your real client, the city of Detroit, but instead is designed only to serve the venal interests of a political hack who has placed personal animus and self-interest ahead of the truth," Brogan continued. "If any complaint is filed against Jones Day, the firm will aggressively pursue all available defenses and remedies, including sanctions against the city and its lawyers."



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