Troy Drug Dealer who Sold Molly on Netflix show Arrested for Drug Trafficking

February 01, 2019, 2:27 PM

Ryan Zettell, 21, in disguise on recent episode of Netflix's "Dope."

Note to drug dealers: Don't go on the drug show if you don't want to get busted.

A Troy man featured on a 2018 episode of the Netflix series "Dope" was arraigned today in Oakland County on drug trafficking charges, WXYZ-TV reports.

Ryan Zettel, 21, was featured in a Season 2 episode that covered the Detroit area, called "I'm gonna get me that white people money."

In the episode, a masked Zettel explains how he imports tens of thousands of dollars in MDMA, or molly, from the dark web.

"You have to be very familiar and confident with computers because if you fuck up you'll have the DEA knocking on your door and nobody wants that," he said.

Oakland County's Narcotics Enforcement Team was tipped off about Zettel shortly after he appeared on the show. WXYZ reports NET had been after him since July of 2018:

Detectives were able to conduct undercover buys and surveillance and arranged many purchases of both cocaine and MDMA, known as "Molly."

Then, they obtained search warrants where they witnessed Zettell conducting illegal activities.

During a raid, they found a Kimber .45 weapon, one gram of cocaine and $7,195 in U.S. currency. During his arrest, they found a backpack with digital scales, 62 acid tablets, 29 gras of Molly, a gram of cocaine and a laptop.

The charges may dash Zettel's dreams of a career in law enforcement. On the show, he said he was in college studying to go into homeland security or criminal justice.

"I want to get out as soon as possible," said Zettel. "I believe it is very hypocritical that I want to be in a field where I'm dong something I strongly believe in, such as an agent who goes after poople that are rapists or murderers. I feel like my past will help me with my future."

We wish him well.

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