'Slow Roll:' Reddit Trots Out Wisecracks About This West-Side Detroit Photo

June 01, 2019, 5:40 PM

It's a scene so eye-catching, the photographer posts the horse-drawn passenger cart on six Reddit forums this weekend.

He gives us a giddy-up and go OK to share it here with only his screen name: Statik. 

"The Amish missionary program seems to be working." (Photo: Reddit, u/___Statik)

The buggy photo was shot a few days ago from a vehicle waiting to turn onto West McNichols Road at Mark Twain Street in the Belmont neighborhood. That's all Statik reveals, though it's enough to generate 270 comments and more than 3,000 "upvotes" in under a day. Among the thread titles: "Detroit can be a strange place." 

Naturally, unbridled humor from wiseguys can't be reined in. We scroll past lots of "Old Town Road" references to the Lil Nas X mega-hit and pick these comments for the winners' circle:

  • Talk about a slow roll.
  • Last time I checked, they don't need insurance. Those geniuses just beat the system.
  • What, have you never seen Blamish people? Black + Amish.
  • From Motor City to horse-drawn city. That recession took a toll.
  • Handsome couple. Hope they have many happy years together.
  • How many MPC -- miles per carrots?
  • When you got a DUI but still gotta hustle.
  • Riding on my horse / No money for a Porsche
  • The Amish missionary program seems to be working.
  • You think guys on ATVs are badass, check out OG.
  • 20 miles to the apple -- great horsepower.
  • They hay-tin'.
  • This is the real classic car.
  • This Dogg and pony show about to begin!
  • I knew the Detroit car industry was desolate, but damn.
  • Six Mile go hard.
  • Damn hipsters.
  • How many MPC -- miles per carrotrs?

On 7 Mile Road in April. (Photo: Allyssa Asha)

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