Politics Podcast: Dana Nessel Tells Civil Rights Commission to Ignore Bill Schuette's Opinion on LGBTQ Rights

June 21, 2019, 12:08 AM

Dana Nessel

Bill Ballenger and Dennis Denno, veterans of Michigan politics, discuss timely issues on "The Friday Morning Podcast," sponsored by Deadline Detroit:

  • Attorney General Dana Nessel says the Michigan Civil Rights Commission can ignore an opinion by her predecessor, who found the commission has no authority to enforce LGBTQ rights under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.
  • More candidates surface in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District, now represented by Justin Amash.
  • Financial problems in the Benton Harbor School District and whether its high school must close have not been resolved by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but parties negotiate.
  • In Senate Republicans' search for new revenue to "fix the damn roads" without raising gas taxes, they consider securitization of state assets, bonding and extending the deadline by which time Michigan is supposed to finalize the paydown on its long-term debt. 
  • Interview with Jen Eyer of Vanguard Public Affairs.  

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