Gallery: A Colorful Stroll Down Gratiot Avenue on Detroit's East Side

July 04, 2019, 10:38 PM by  Michael Lucido


West-siders have Woodward. East-siders have Gratiot. 

We took a ride down Gratiot in Detroit the other day, snapping photos on a stretch of road lined with worn buildings -- some with interesting murals -- and factories that produce two of the city's iconic products: Better Made Potato Chips and Faygo.

Photos by Michael Lucido of Deadline Detroit. 

The Gold Mine Pawn Shop near Meldrum street and Gratiot

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church enterance Facade is beautiful, on the corner of Rivard and Gratiot Ave

Smoke/Steam stacks make for an awesome composition! Detroit Thermal LLC right off Gratiot Ave on St. Antione and Madison St.

The'ol Devonshire MFG. CO. with a beautiful Mural accompanying the old signage. Off Maple St. and Gratiot Ave.

Great color scheme for this Gratiot Grill Coney Island near McDougall Street.

Questionable but interesting font choice for the old Enough Grand Lodge near Helen Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Beautiful mural artwork on a half wall near Antietam Street and Gratiot Avenue.

A peaceful message on a simple bench. Near Jay Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Nice to see a black and white, high contrast mural peice as we are so use to high saturated colors in the Detroit area. This one off of Hunt Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Can't take a stroll down Gratiot Ave without getting a shot of our hometown chip company near Sterritt Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Faygo -- our hometown cola heroes! Off Moran Street and Gratiot Avenue.

What a great handmade painted sign. Dont see this level of handpainted signage anymore! The old Harcard Square Center off Broadway Street near Gratiot.

One of a few Shinola pocket watch clocks on Rivard Street and Gratiot Avenue.

The closed Cash City Instant Cash building with beautiful hand-painted signage. On the corner of Macomb Street and Gratiot.

Just a beautiful composition of the 1st Choice Storage company near Beaubien Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Ron's Roib Cage, with a beauitful mosaic tile facade, is really quite something to look upon. Near Cadillac Avenue and Gratiot.

Colorful and vibrant geometric tiger by Arlin Graff on Rivard Street and Gratiot, poainted in 2017 as part of Murals in the Market. Graff is a Brazilian artist based in Detroit and São Paulo.

A weathered east-side party store signage.

Detroit Fire Department on Grandy Street and Gratiot Avenue.

Some great mural work near Eastern Market off Gratiot Avenue.

More old school signage to accompany the Eastern Market area.

Vintage Mac-O-Lac Paint company signage for the closed Gratiot Hardware Store near Canton Street and Gratiot.

What a great '70s/'80s color and design selection for the Peoples Restaurant Equipment Company on the corner of Dubois Street and Gratiot.

Beautiful mural designs in the windows of the Gratiot Liquor building on the corner of St. Joseph and Gratiot.

Busy Bee Hardware company, now closed, on Russell Street and Gratiot Avenue/

Great mural design on the side of a building being remodeled.

Colorful and vibrant tile work on the corner of Riopelle Street and Gratiot.

Buy your candles, Bibles and tip sheets all in one stop at this Discount Candle and Blessings Store on the corner of Russell and Gratiot.


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