Introducing 'Deadline Does Detroit'

October 16, 2012, 4:14 PM

Deadline Detroit is pleased to kick off a new project we’re calling “Deadline Does Detroit.” The premise is simple: We pick a scenario and see how a staffer lives under those conditions.

The first Deadline Does Detroit will launch this weekend as Jeff Wattrick attempts to live for a week as though he doesn’t own a car. To ensure he simply doesn’t “work from home” (watch "Kojak" reruns) and subsist on delivery pizza, we’re planning some challenges (a Friday night out, a crosstown trip to the doctor, etc.) to replicate how one would manage without a ride in this Motor City. 

Living without a car isn’t an abstract concept for many Detroiters. This may be the only major metropolis without a regional transit authority, yet transit advocates estimate about 20 percent of adult Detroit resident live in a household without a vehicle.

We’ll kick-off Deadline Does Detroit: Carless with an online town hall meeting powered by Concert-Oh Friday afternoon. Please join us to talk transit, ask questions, and learn more about the project.

You can keep up with the project as it unfolds on Deadline Detroit (obviously) and the DDD:Carless Facebook page

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