Kid Rock's Detroit house for sale; will its Jesus of the Hedges sculpture go with it?

July 23, 2019, 11:30 AM

Bless this yard!

If you've always wanted to own a piece of Detroit rock history with some amusingly puzzling decorating touches, good news! Kid Rock's Detroit house just came on the market. For $2.2 million, this riverfront mansion can be yours. 

Jesus, thank you for this bathroom. (Photo: Stylish Detroit)

Assuming you don't have that kind of cash or similar line of credit lying around, you can page through 70 photos of the house in the Joseph Berry subdivision (where the Manoogian Mansion is located) and marvel over whether Kid Himself actually lolled in that bathtub, gazing up at the painting of Jesus, high on the wall between two windows, both of which are branded with the "Made in Detroit" logo emblazoned on his clothing line.

The house is pretty sweet, if a little ... generic for a rock star. Middle class on a big budget, basically. And way more Jesus than you might expect, including a puzzling sculpture of a figure we assume is Christ rising from the plantings in a polygon hedge, arms outstretched to bless all the people in the world who thought it was perfectly fine to sample Warren Zevon, the hem of whose garment Robert Ritchie is not worthy of touching.

But there are some outstanding touches; our favorite is the boathouse roof deck, where you can sit on a summer evening and watch the boats go by. And there are man caves galore. And the mayor is your neighbor, so we're sure the streets are plowed and well-kept, year-round.

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