Kid Rock Is 'a Rich-Kid Poseur,' The Daily Beast Jabs After He Demeans Taylor Swift

August 11, 2019, 8:45 AM

There he goes again. 

Kid Rock embarrasses himself anew with a crude, sexist Twitter swipe at Taylor Swift, his latest attention grab:

The misogyny, a response to Swift's explanation of why she didn't endorse Donald Trump in 2016, draws predictable blowback -- "faux redneck" say some replies -- and reminds us of another frequently provocative tweeter who likes to stir things up.  

"Rock has long presented himself as a rough-and-tumble country guy." (Photo: Facebook)

In the Metro Detroit performer's case, his new nonsense gets a callout from Daily Beast writer Tarpley Hitt, who ridicules "the digital grunt" at The Daily Beast:

It was a hollow jab, and not just because Swift’s ex-boyfriends trend more Disney Channel cast-off than high-powered movie exec. 

Hitt, a 2018 Harvard University graduate reporting from Los Angeles, also slams Robert Ritchie as "a rich-kid poseur" raised "on six well-groomed acres, where he could pick fresh apples from his family’s personal orchard."

Rock has long presented himself as a rough-and-tumble country guy who does average-Joe-guy stuff like shoot guns, trap hogs, and dunk on hippies. He often talks about his path to success as a scrappy blend of self-taught skill, business savvy, and persistence. . . .

What gets lost in that portrait is the fact that Rock’s humble origin story took place on a luxurious estate in . . . Macomb County, Mich., . . . [as] the son of millionaire William "Bill" Ritchie, who owned several lucrative car dealerships, and Susan Ritchie.

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