Parody video stars Detroit Lions' Matt Stafford as the Joker

October 11, 2019, 8:39 AM

We at DD have yet to see "The Joker," but based on internet reaction, we sort of get the gist. It stars Joker as protagonist, in a time before he was the villian, and (maybe) makes you empathize with him.

That, plus even minimal Lions knowledge, are all you need to find the humor in a new Bleacher Report parody video that depicts Matt Stafford as Joker. 

In the video, a cartoon Stafford bemoans a career built on only stats, and the lack of love he gets from around the league. He can't notch a win even in great games like last month's against the Chiefs, and his coach is useless oaf, forcing him to practice out in a blizzard "even though we play inside" (we're still summarizing the video here).

Stafford has told media he hasn't seen and doesn't care to see it ("can't-take-a-joker" as Bleacher Report's cartoon Aaron Rodgers might say), but yesterday his teammate Kerryon Johnson caught a glimpse, tweeting "WTF is this."

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