Metro Detroit Councilwoman's Voicemail: Hang Up If You Don't Speak English

October 18, 2019, 4:06 PM

Riverview Councilwoman Lynn Blanchette

Welcome to America in 2019.

City Council member Lynn Blanchette of Riverview has a voicemail for her home phone that's arching some eyebrows, reports The Times-Herald, a Downriver newspaper. 

In her husband Chuck's voice, the home voicemail says:

"You have reached Chuck and Lynn. We are proud citizens of the United States of America. If you speak English, press 1 and leave your message. If not, press 2 to hang up until you learn how to. Thank you." 

Cindy Garcia, an organizer for Michigan United, calls the greeting “problematic.”

“If she’s a city councilwoman, she should not have that on her phone. Riverview has different nationalities and ethnicities, and that’s who she’s representing in her community. It’s not just one nationality involved.

Councilwoman Blanchette, 71, laughed it off and tells the publication:

“It’s my husband’s wicked sense of humor and since he’s the president and CEO of our household, he can do what he wants to and publish what he wants to and say what he wants to. It’s just a really great, humorous way to make people stop and think.”

Read more:  The News-Herald

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