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Legal recreational weed could be here before Christmas

November 14, 2019, 6:14 AM

If marijuana growers are properly licensed, they could start selling fully legal, non-medical, just-cuz-it's-fun weed as early as Dec. 1, media sources are reporting. 

Soon. In time for holiday giving soon. (File photo)

There won't be a lot and it might not be flower, i.e., the highly concentrated buds most users are after, but edibles, concentrates and other products could be good to go. 

Kathy Gray of the Free Press reports:

To ensure that medical marijuana patients continue to have an adequate supply of product, dispensaries will be able to transfer only 50% of the inventory that has been sitting on their shelves for at least 30 days to the recreational side of the business.

That means that marijuana flower, which is the best-selling product at dispensaries and has been in limited supply for months, may not be available when a recreational marijuana retailer begins sales. Products that could be readily available include marijuana-infused edibles and lotions, vapes and other forms of marijuana concentrates.

...“I can’t image that we’ll have more than a dozen or so” retailers licensed by Dec. 1, said [Andrew Brisbo, director of the Michigan Regulatory Agency]. “As we’ve seen in the medical market, it’s a slow build-out as inventory and production of plants and products increases. We want to provide an environment where businesses can supply the market as quickly as possible.”

A quirk to the law, however: In Detroit, the city council has voted to delay recreational sales until Jan. 31, to give it time to write a suitable ordinance. So the city that was a pioneer in legalization will actually lag the rest of the state. 

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