Freep to Martha Ford: Fix the Detroit Lions or 'Sell the freakin’ team'

November 17, 2019, 10:05 PM

Martha Ford

Tradition. Once again, another Detroit Lions season that started with lots of hopes has turned into a dismal one with ZERO reason to believe. 

Fans are sick of it. Sports writers are, too, which is evident with an open letter to Lions owner Martha Ford by Detroit Free Press columnist Jeff Seidel, who rips Coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn, who have delivered more disappointment and an abysmal defense that couldn't keep a kingartener from reaching the end zone. The letter comes shortly after the Lions lost Sunday to the Dallas Cowboys 35-27.

Dear Martha Firestone Ford:

This isn’t acceptable.

Your Detroit Lions, the organization that makes you a boatload of cash every year — is sucking money out of the pockets of decent, hard workin’ folks who deserve better — are struggling something awful.

Just like always.

Your team has lost six of its past seven games, all hope is gone and the season is all but over. This isn't acceptable. . . .

Quinn shouldn’t be granted more time to succeed after bringing in his buddy from New England. He doesn’t get an extended honeymoon period. If we don’t see significant improvement over the rest of the season, they should be gone.

And he concludes:

Draw a line in the turf. Demand improvement. And fire these guys if you don't see serious improvement soon. Which means beating Washington next week isn't enough.

If you can't do that?

Sell the freakin’ team.

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