Detroit police investigate white officer who allegedly used N-word

November 27, 2019, 10:26 AM

Detroit Police stock image

Detroit police have opened an internal investigation into an officer accused of telling another he was "tired of these f****** n*****s."

According to Fox 2, the officer was reportedly transfered earlier this month after making the statement in a video call to a white officer at another precinct. A black officer was reportedly present and heard the call.

The department has been dogged by reports of racist and racially insensitive comments by white officers over the past several years.

Last winter, two officers mocked a young black woman who walked home in the cold after a traffic stop, posting a video of her on Snapchat with the stickers "celebrating black history month" and "black girl magic." Several months before that, a white rookie cop suited up for a day's work posted a selfie with the caption, “Another night to Rangel [sic] up these zoo animals.” Both incidents made national news.

The department fired all three officers. An environmental audit into the precinct that housed the officers involved in the winter incident found their behavior was part of a larger pattern of racism. A member of the board of police commissioners tells Fox 2 a similar precinct-wide review may happen here. The officer was with the 9th precinct, on the east side.

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